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Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) Refund allows airlines and markets that are using Amadeus Automated Refunds and Amadeus Ticket Changer to refund electronic and paper tickets automatically.

Note that with ATC Refund you cannot refund miscellaneous documents (MCOs, EMDs) and non-air documents, and you cannot initiate manual refunds with a blank refund record.

ATC Refund automatically calculates the refundable fare amount and taxes of an unused or partially used ticket. It retrieves the fare rules and the fare calculation of a ticket, and for e-tickets also checks the coupon status. The cancellation penalty is automatically deducted from the refundable amount according to the fare rule. With ATC Refund you can refund tickets in multiple currencies.

ATC Refund can be used two ways:

  • Integrated: An agent performs an ATC Refund transaction either via cryptic or any API flavor. A refund record is populated with refund data and amounts computed on Fare quote side according to CAT33. The refund record can be then processed to record the refund transactions.
  • Non-integrated: A Calculate_Refund transaction is sent to the Pricing Gateway by a customer via any API flavor. The refund calculation is computed on Fare Quote side, according to CAT33 or CAT16 filings and refund data and amounts are returned to the customer. This is an informative transaction only; there is no follow-up to confirm this calculation and process the refund transaction.

ATC Refund main advantages regarding Automated Refund are:

  • Fare rules are retrieved and taken into account in the refund process.
  • Fare and taxes used are automatically calculated for partially flown tickets.
  • Cancellation penalty is automatically computed according to CAT33 fillings.
  • Multiple currencies tickets are supported (reissued tickets).
  • Tickets that have been reissued by ATC in involuntary conditions may be eligible for ATC Refund, even though the fare may not correspond to the itinerary.

The following solution provides you with the process explanation of ATC Refund for both integrated and non-integrated version. It also includes error messages expected and scenarios.

Since most of the issues are expected to be for electronic tickets and for integrated version, you will find the solution in the document. For the non-integrated and for paper ticket, refer to the documents attached.

NT – Non Refundable Taxes indicators is bypassed in the scope of an ATC Refund refunds. All others Refund table indicators apply.

Additional values can be added to Data Capture list of values to allow/disallow the manual updates on an ATC Refund record:

  • P to allow manual update of the Cancelation Penalty on an ATC Refund record.
  • N to allow any other updates than the Cancelation Penalty on an ATC Refund record.

Ticket eligibility

  • Both electronic and paper tickets are eligible for ATC Refund.
  • Miscellaneous Charges Orders (MCO) and non-air type documents cannot be refunded via the ATC Refund. If an ATC refund transaction is initiated on such document following error message is displayed: DOCUMENT NUMBER NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ATC REFUND (25678)
  • If an e-ticket is not found in the corresponding e-ticket server or a paper ticket is not found in the TSR/CDB database, the system errors with: TICKET NOT FOUND (25701)
  • If an error occurs during the e-ticket data retrieve, system errors: ERROR ON TICKET DATA RETRIEVE (25700)
  • If the e-ticket server doesn’t reply, system errors: ETKT TIME OUT (10964)
  • If the requester is not allowed to retrieve the e-ticket record, system errors: ACCESS TO DOCUMENT DENIED (21601)

Non-integrated transaction only:

  • If a ticket or a passenger is referred twice in the same request, system errors: MULTIPLE REFERENCE TO A TICKET/SEGMENT (23244)
  • If the request contains both electronic and paper tickets, system errors: MIXED TICKET TYPES NOT ALLOWED (23803)
  • In case of conjunctive e-ticket refund, the primary ticket must be selected, else the system errors: DOCUMENT NUMBER NOT PRIMARY 21607)

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