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With Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) you can automatically recalculate voluntary reissues and revalidations for electronic tickets based on the IATA industry standard. Once you have made the necessary modifications on your passenger itinerary and introduced the pricing entries, the system will process the best pricing solution according to the conditions set by the airline: a revalidation or a reissue.

To establish if the airline has signed up to Amadeus Ticket Changer enter FQNATC/CXR in Selling Platform. This then displays all participating carriers. When looking in the fare quote notes you will also see if these carriers have filed a VC.Voluntary Changes paragraph. To display this enter FQNxx*VC (xx to be replaced by the FQD line number
of the fare rule you want to display) in command. The airline stipulates in a table behind the scenes as to whether a change is authorised or not and if it is classified as a reissue or revalidation.

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